Friday, April 5, 2013

19-Emergency medical kits and budget medical supplies.

Good evening preppers!

Tonight I would like to cover medical supplies.

This is one of the most commonly overlooked prepper items.  People often think of the most stereotypical preps, like food, water, guns, and ammo, but very seldom medical kits and supplies.  If you think about it, you never even consider needing medical items until something hurts.  Who thinks about band-aids until they get a cut, or aspirin until they have a headache?  But also consider how uncomfortable life would be without these items in your home.  We, Americans especially, take simple things for granted, like the availability of toilet paper or toothpaste.  Because if we run out, Wal-Mart has more.

What needs to be considered is the delivery chain of these items.  Wal-mart only stocks enough groceries that they can sell within a few days.  Which cuts down on the need for warehouse space and the logistics of having to keep track of too many items.  In turn, they get a shipment of fresh goods about every three days, plus or minus a day.  It isn't like the mom and pop grocery store that my parents went to when they were kids.  40 years ago, heck 20 years ago, these types of grocery stores would have enough food to keep small town America moving for longer periods of time.  Weeks, or more.  If something major happened, like a tornado or flood, the old grocer could keep the shelves stocked for a while.  Wal-mart may last even less than three days, which is the soonest another truck will be coming.  In a panic, people will buy out the store in a day.  And with the food, they'll take the toilet paper, band-aids, Tylenol, cold medicine, cough drops, peroxide, and even the soap.  Leaving you wishing that you would have bought at least one extra box or bottle of each.

My local Wal-mart offers several medical items in a big bin for 88 cents.  How can you go wrong with a Nyquil knockoff for 88 cents?  They offer more than just Nyquil for that price also.  Like an assorted box of band-aids, cough drops, a Robatussin knockoff, talcum powder, a Benadryl knockoff, and lots more.  At 88 cents, I can spend my $10 prepping budget and come home with several items.

I believe strongly that it truly is a mistake to overlook these types of items in your preps.   I am not going to pretend to know statistics, or be smart enough to calculate my own, but, I don't think it's too crazy to think that the need for medical supplies goes up drastically in a survival situation.

Now, depending on the situation, you may want to consider a small emergency medical kit.  A well rounded kit will have a lot of the items listed above, although it will be a smaller supply, in a pinch, it will get you through for a few days.  A really good kit will even have a small roll of toilet paper.  Also, like one of the kits pictured below, it may have small packs of water and a few bars of survival rations.

Although most of us, with a survival instinct and prepared mind, already have some water, and probably a little food in our cars, keeping a small well stocked medical kit may just save your life some day.

We will touch on food supply chains another day!

Stay safe, be prepared!

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